Synonyms and Antonyms of abandon

  1. 1 to give (oneself) over to something especially unrestrainedly more than ready to abandon himself to a life of complete idleness for the duration of his vacation Synonyms of abandon deliver, give up, indulge, surrender, yield Words Related to abandon overdo, overindulge; bask, luxuriate, revel, roll, wallow Near Antonyms of abandon abstain (from), eschew, forbear, forgo (also forego), refrain (from); check, inhibit, restrain Antonyms of abandon deny

  2. 2 to cause to remain behind abandoned the group that he had been hiking with and struck out on his own Synonyms of abandon leave, desert, forsake, maroon, quit, strandWords Related to abandon discard, ditch, dump, fling, jettison, junk, scrap, shed, shuck (off), throw away, throw out; deliver, give up, hand over, relinquish, surrender, yield; escape, retreat (from), take off (from), vacate, withdraw (from); abjure, cut off, disown, reject, renounce, repudiate, separate (from); sacrifice; distance; disregard, forget, ignore, neglectNear Antonyms of abandon harbor, have, hold, keep, own, possess, reserve, retain, withhold; redeem, rescue, saveAntonyms of abandon reclaim

  3. 3 to put an end to (something planned or previously agreed to) the bad weather forced NASA to abandon the launch Synonyms of abandon cancel, abort, call, call off, cry off, drop, recall, repeal, rescind, revoke, scrap, scrubWords Related to abandon abrogate, annul, invalidate, nullify, void, write off; recant, retract, take back, withdraw; countermand, reverse, roll back; break off, discontinue, end, halt, stop, terminate; hold back, interrupt, suspend; give up, relinquish, surrenderNear Antonyms of abandon engage, pledge, promise; begin, commence, initiate, start; take on, take up, undertakeAntonyms of abandon continue, keep

  4. 4 to stop doing (something) permanently marriage customs that were abandoned decades ago Synonyms of abandon quit, discontinue, drop, give up, knock off, lay off (of), pack (up or in)Words Related to abandon break off, break up, cease, close, conclude, end, expire, finish, halt, leave off, shut off; pause, taper off; throw up; round (off or out), terminate, wind up, wrap upNear Antonyms of abandon go, run on; hang in, hang on, hold on, persevere, persist; follow through (with); renew, reopen, restart, resume; preserve, stay; begin, commence, startAntonyms of abandon carry on, continue, keep, keep up, maintain

Synonym Discussion of abandon

abandon, desert, forsake mean to leave without intending to return. abandon suggests that the thing or person left may be helpless without protection.
    • abandoned children
desert implies that the object left may be weakened but not destroyed by one's absence.
    • a deserted town
forsake suggests an action more likely to bring impoverishment or bereavement to that which is forsaken than its exposure to physical dangers.
    • a forsaken lover

synonyms see in addition relinquish

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of very fine texture or delicate form

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