Synonyms and Antonyms of indulgence

  1. 1 an act of kind assistance as an only child, she was used to getting every kind of indulgence from her doting parents Synonyms benevolence, boon, courtesy, grace, favor, kindness, mercy, service, turnRelated Words dispensation, waiver; advantage, benefit, blessing, godsend, manna; liberty, license (or licence), privilegeNear Antonyms hindrance, hurdle, impediment, interference, obstacle

  2. 2 something adding to pleasure or comfort but not absolutely necessary bubble baths were her one indulgence Synonyms amenity, comfort, extra, frill, luxury, superfluityRelated Words extravagance, nonessential; dainty, delicacy, nicety, treat; accessory (also accessary), accoutrement (or accouterment), bells and whistles, optionAntonyms basic, essential, fundamental, must, necessity, requirement

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