Synonyms and Antonyms of blessing

  1. 1 a prayer calling for divine care, protection, or favor that rabbi always ends the service with a short blessing Synonyms benediction, benison Related Words Godspeed; appeal, entreaty, grace, intercession, invocation, orison, petition, plea, prayer, supplication; sanctification Phrases laying on of hands Antonyms anathema, curse, execration, imprecation, malediction

  2. 2 something that provides happiness or does good for a person or thing winning the lottery shortly after being laid off was an unexpected blessing Synonyms benediction, benefit, boon, felicity, godsend, good, manna, windfall Related Words grace, mercy; favor, kindness, mitzvah; advantage, aid, assistance, gift, help, relief, support; anodyne, comfort, consolation, solace; bonus, extra, lagniappe; delight, joy, pleasure Near Antonyms hex, hoodoo, jinx; bother, irritant, nuisance, pest; disadvantage; cross, misery, trial, tribulation Antonyms affliction, bane, curse, evil, plague, scourge

  3. 3 an acceptance of something as satisfactory Mr. Roberts promptly gave his blessing to his daughter's choice of husband Synonyms approbation, approval, favor, imprimatur, OK (or okay)Related Words backing, cachet, endorsement (also indorsement), finalization, formalization, homologation, nod, ratification, rubber stamp, sanction, support, thumbs-up, vote; benediction, goodwill; acceptation, accession, agreement, assent, concurrence, consent; countenance, liking, satisfactionNear Antonyms refusal, rejection, repudiation; dislike, dissatisfaction; censure, condemnation, criticism, denunciation, deprecation, depreciation, disparagement, opprobrium, reprehension, reproach, reprobationAntonyms disapprobation, disapproval, disfavor

  4. 4 the act of making something holy through religious ritual traditionally, worshippers kneel during the blessing of the communion wafers Synonyms consecration, hallowing, sanctificationRelated Words purification; dedication; adoration, glorification, reverence, veneration, worshipNear Antonyms debasement, defilement, desecration, impiety, irreverence, profanation, sacrilege

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