Synonyms and Antonyms of adoring

  1. 1 feeling or showing love adoring grandparents who love to spoil their grandchildren Synonyms loving, affectionate, devoted, fond, tender, tenderheartedRelated Words caring, compassionate, considerate, cordial, doting, forgiving, friendly, humane, kind, understanding, warmhearted; ardent, fervent, impassioned, passionate, warm; amatory, amorous, erotic (also erotical); enamored, infatuated, lovesick; lovey-dovey, mushy, romantic, sappy, sentimental; brotherly, fatherly, motherly, sisterlyNear Antonyms aloof, antisocial, cold-eyed, cool, detached, distant, dry, frosty, hard-hearted, indifferent, offish, pitiless, remote, reserved, standoffish, unbending, uncaring, unfeeling; disaffected, unconcerned, uninvolved; cold, frigid, unfriendly; callous, cold-blooded, hard-boiled, heartless, pitiless, ruthless, soulless, unromantic, unsentimentalAntonyms unloving

  2. 2 reflecting great admiration or devotion the adoring attention of the girls' gymnastics team when our local Olympic hero spoke to them Synonyms worshipful, adulatory, deifying, idolizing, worshipping (also worshiping)Related Words glorifying, reverent, reverential, venerating; hagiographic (also hagiographical); affectionate, fond, loving; appreciative, deferential, respectful; approvingNear Antonyms condemning, contemptuous, disapproving, hateful, loathing, scornful

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