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Synonyms and Antonyms of erotic

  1. of, relating to, exciting, or expressing sexual attraction or desire the erotic aspects of the story of Beauty and the Beast Synonyms amatory, amorous, aphrodisiac (also aphrodisiacal), erogenous, erotogenic, sexy, steamy Related Words autoerotic; carnal, fleshly, sensual, sensuous; bawdy, lascivious, lewd, lustful, obscene, prurient, racy, spicy, suggestive, titillating; dirty, filthy, foul, gross, indecent, nasty, pornographic, ribald, smutty, unprintable, vulgar; fetishistic, perversive Near Antonyms clean, decent, decorous, polite, proper, seemly; innocuous, inoffensive Antonyms nonerotic, unerotic, unsexy

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