Synonyms and Antonyms of manna

  1. 1 a source of great satisfaction the announcement that there would be a sequel was manna to the many fans of the original movie Synonyms delectation, feast, gas [slang], joy, kick, delight, pleasure, treatRelated Words amusement, diversion, entertainment, fun, recreation; comfort, relief, solace; gratification, indulgence; ambrosia

  2. 2 something that provides happiness or does good for a person or thing the company's Christmas bonus was especially welcome manna this year Synonyms benediction, benefit, boon, felicity, godsend, good, blessing, windfallRelated Words grace, mercy; favor, kindness, mitzvah; advantage, aid, assistance, gift, help, relief, support; anodyne, comfort, consolation, solace; bonus, extra, lagniappe; delight, joy, pleasureNear Antonyms hex, hoodoo, jinx; bother, irritant, nuisance, pest; disadvantage; cross, misery, trial, tribulationAntonyms affliction, bane, curse, evil, plague, scourge

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