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  1. 1 being such in appearance only and made with or manufactured from usually cheaper materials man-made diamonds that were really just glass Synonyms artificial, bogus, dummy, ersatz, factitious, fake, false, faux, imitative, man-made, mimic, mock, pretend, sham, simulated, substitute, syntheticRelated Words cultured, manufactured, process; unauthentic; adulterated, designer, doctored, engineered, fudged, juggled, manipulated, tampered (with); concocted, fabricated; counterfeit, deceptive, forged, fraudulent, misleading, phony (also phoney); affected, brummagem, feigned, pinchbeck, pseudo, spuriousNear Antonyms authentic, bona fide, legitimate, true; premium, quality, valuable; pure, unadulteratedAntonyms genuine, natural, real

  2. 2 produced by humans rather than natural processes the houses in the new development are built around a man-made lake Synonyms artificial, man-made, nonnaturalRelated Words fabricated, manufactured; cultivated, processed, refined; industrial, mechanical; ersatz, faux, imitationNear Antonyms crude, rawAntonyms natural

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