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  1. 1 not being in agreement with what is true early reports about the explosion contained much false information Synonyms of false erroneous, inaccurate, incorrect, inexact, invalid, off, unsound, untrue, untruthful, wrong Words Related to false counterfactual; specious, spurious; deceptive, delusive, delusory, distorted, fallacious, fictitious, illusory, misleading; amiss, askew, awry; deceitful, dishonest, fraudulent, lying, mendacious; unconfirmed, unproven, untested; fabricated, invented, made-up, trumped-up Phrases off base Near Antonyms of false confirmed, demonstrated, established, proven, tested; faultless, flawless, impeccable, letter-perfect, perfect Antonyms of false accurate, correct, errorless, exact, factual, precise, proper, right, sound, true, valid, veracious

  2. 2 being such in appearance only and made with or manufactured from usually cheaper materials George Washington's false teeth were not made of wood but of elephant ivory and cow's teeth Synonyms of false artificial, bogus, dummy, ersatz, factitious, fake, imitation, faux, imitative, man-made, mimic, mock, pretend, sham, simulated, substitute, syntheticWords Related to false cultured, manufactured, process; unauthentic; adulterated, designer, doctored, engineered, fudged, juggled, manipulated, tampered (with); concocted, fabricated; counterfeit, deceptive, forged, fraudulent, misleading, phony (also phoney); affected, brummagem, feigned, pinchbeck, pseudo, spuriousNear Antonyms of false authentic, bona fide, legitimate, true; premium, quality, valuable; pure, unadulteratedAntonyms of false genuine, natural, real

  3. 3 being such in appearance only and made or manufactured with the intention of committing fraud arrested for selling false ID cards to teenagers Synonyms of false bogus, fake, counterfeit, forged, inauthentic, phony (also phoney), queer, sham, snide, spurious, unauthenticWords Related to false artificial, factitious, imitation, man-made, mimic, mock, simulated, substitute, synthetic; dummy, nonfunctioning, ornamental; cultured, fabricated, manufactured; deceptive, delusive, misleadingNear Antonyms of false natural; actual, true, validAntonyms of false authentic, bona fide, genuine, real, unfaked

  4. 4 lacking in natural or spontaneous quality so much of the sympathy that the widow received was false and hypocritical, since it came from people who never liked her husband in the first place Synonyms of false affected, assumed, bogus, contrived, factitious, fake, artificial, feigned, forced, mechanical, mock, phony (also phoney), plastic, pretended, pseudo, put-on, sham, simulated, spurious, strained, unnaturalWords Related to false automatic, canned, concocted, fabricated, hokey, labored, manufactured, pat, unauthentic, unreal, unrealistic; double-dealing, empty, facile, hollow, hypocritical, insincere, left-handed, mealy, mealymouthed, two-faced, unctuous; exaggerated, histrionic, melodramatic, overacted, overdone, theatrical (also theatric); cute, cutesy, genteel, goody-goody, mincing, overrefined, simpering; conventional, formal, impersonal, inflexible, rigid, stiff, stylized, wooden; artful, calculated, conscious, cultivated, deliberate, premeditated, studiedNear Antonyms of false authentic, bona fide, real, realistic, right, true; honest, ingenuous, sincere, unpretending; easy, effortless, smooth; extemporaneous, impromptu, impulsive, instinctive, unconscious, unprompted, unrehearsed, unstudiedAntonyms of false artless, genuine, natural, spontaneous, unaffected, uncontrived, unfeigned, unforced

  5. 5 marked by, based on, or done by the use of dishonest methods to acquire something of value false advertising that claimed that the vegetables were organically grown when they weren't Synonyms of false crooked, deceitful, defrauding, dishonest, double-dealing, fraudulentWords Related to false beguiling, deceiving, deceptive, deluding, delusive, delusory, duplicitous, fallacious, misleading, specious; spuriousNear Antonyms of false legitimate, true, validAntonyms of false aboveboard, honest, truthful

  6. 6 not true in one's allegiance to someone or something false friends who deserted the prizefighter when all his money was gone Synonyms of false disloyal, faithless, fickle, inconstant, perfidious, recreant, traitorous, treacherous, unfaithful, untrueWords Related to false irresponsible, trustless, undependable, unreliable, untrustworthy; faltering, hesitant, vacillating, wavering; dubious, irresolute, uncertain; apathetic, dispassionate, uninterestedNear Antonyms of false dependable, dutiful, reliable, responsible, solid, tried, tried-and-true, trustable, trustworthy, trusty; unfaltering, unhesitating, unwavering; determined, intent, resolute; confirmed, dyed-in-the-wool, inveterate, sworn; ardent, avid, enthusiastic, fervent, fervid, impassioned, passionateAntonyms of false constant, dedicated, devoted, devout, down-the-line, faithful, fast, loyal, staunch (also stanch), steadfast, steady, true

  7. 7 tending or having power to deceive it turned out that the con man had made false promises of marriage to a dozen women Synonyms of false beguiling, deceitful, deceiving, deluding, delusive, delusory, fallacious, deceptive, misleading, speciousWords Related to false artful, crafty, cunning, devious, foxy, guileful, shady, shifty, slick, sly, sneaking, sneaky, subtile, subtle, trick, trickish, tricky, underhand, underhanded, wily; inaccurate, incorrect, wrong; bewildering, confounding, distracting, perplexing, puzzling; ambidextrous, crooked, defrauding, dishonest, dissembling, double-dealing, duplicitous, faithless, fast, fraudulent, knavish, lying, mendacious, untrustworthy, untruthful; bogus, counterfeit, fake, feigned, forged, jive [slang], phony (also phoney), sham, spurious; insidious, perfidious, treacherous; ambiguous, circuitous, equivocal, evasive; artificial, backhanded, hypocritical, insincere, left-handed, two-facedNear Antonyms of false candid, direct, foursquare, frank, free-spoken, open, openhearted, outspoken, plain, plainspoken, straight; clarifying, elucidative, explanatory, illuminating; revealing, revelatory; honest, trustworthy, truthfulAntonyms of false aboveboard, forthright, nondeceptive, straightforward

Synonym Discussion of false

faithless, false, disloyal, traitorous, treacherous, perfidious mean untrue to what should command one's fidelity or allegiance. faithless applies to any failure to keep a promise or pledge or any breach of allegiance or loyalty.
    • faithless allies
false stresses the fact of failing to be true in any manner ranging from fickleness to cold treachery.
    • betrayed by false friends
disloyal implies a lack of complete faithfulness to a friend, cause, leader, or country.
    • disloyal to their country
traitorous implies either actual treason or a serious betrayal of trust.
    • traitorous acts punishable by death
treacherous implies readiness to betray trust or confidence.
    • a treacherous adviser
perfidious adds to faithless the implication of an incapacity for fidelity or reliability.
    • a perfidious double-crosser

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