Synonyms and Antonyms of avid

  1. 1 having or marked by an eager and often selfish desire especially for material possessions stared at the array of jewels with an avid glint in his eye Synonyms of avid acquisitive, avaricious, greedy, coveting, covetous, grabby, grasping, mercenary, moneygrubbing, rapaciousWords Related to avid commercialistic, materialistic, philistine; desirous, eager, itchy, lickerish, miserly; hoggish, piggish, piggy, swinish; devouring, gluttonous, gobbling, insatiable, ravenous, unquenchable, voracious; egocentric, egoistic (also egoistical), egotistic (or egotistical), self-centered, self-seeking; discontent, discontented, malcontent, unsatisfied; begrudging, grudging, resentfulNear Antonyms of avid nonmaterialistic; altruistic, bounteous, bountiful, charitable, freehanded, generous, greathearted, handsome, liberal, magnanimous, munificent, openhanded, openhearted, selfless, unselfish, unsparing; controlled, moderate, restrained, temperate; content, sated, satisfied

  2. 2 showing urgent desire or interest an avid baseball card collector Synonyms of avid agog, antsy, anxious, ardent, athirst, eager, crazy, desirous, enthused, enthusiastic, excited, geeked [slang], great, greedy, gung ho, hepped up, hopped-up, hot, hungry, impatient, juiced, keen, nuts, pumped, raring, solicitous, stoked [slang], thirsty, voracious, wildWords Related to avid engaged, interested; happy, hung up, obsessed; ambitious, appetent, covetous, craving, hankering, longing, pining; breathless, restive, restless; amenable, disposed, game, glad, inclined, ready, unreluctant, willingNear Antonyms of avid casual, incurious, insouciant, nonchalant, unconcerned, uninterested; aloof, detached, disinterested; impassive, stolid; halfhearted, lackadaisical, languid, languorous, lukewarm, spiritless; averse, disinclined, hesitant, loath (also loth or loathe), reluctant, unwillingAntonyms of avid apathetic, indifferent, uneager, unenthusiastic

Synonym Discussion of avid

eager, avid, keen, anxious, athirst mean moved by a strong and urgent desire or interest. eager implies ardor and enthusiasm and sometimes impatience at delay or restraint.
    • eager to get started
avid adds to eager the implication of insatiability or greed.
    • avid for new thrills
keen suggests intensity of interest and quick responsiveness in action.
    • keen on the latest fashions
anxious emphasizes fear of frustration or failure or disappointment.
    • anxious not to make a social blunder
athirst stresses yearning but not necessarily readiness for action.
    • athirst for adventure

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