Synonyms and Antonyms of resentful

  1. 1 having or showing deep-seated resentment he is still resentful about being passed over for a promotion Synonyms acrid, acrimonious, embittered, hard, rancorous, bitter, soreRelated Words disaffected, discontented, disgruntled, malcontent; contemptuous, cynical, disdainful, misanthropic, scornful; angry, cruel, harsh, irritated, mad, rough, savage, vehement, vicious, virulent, vitriolic; acid, caustic, cutting, mordant, sarcastic, trenchant; knock-down, drag-out (or knock-down-and-drag-out)Near Antonyms caring, forgiving, gentle, kind, kindhearted, loving, sweet, sympathetic, tender, warm, warmheartedAntonyms unbitter

  2. 2 having or showing mean resentment of another's possessions or advantages resentful of her cousin's wealth Synonyms covetous, green-eyed, invidious, jaundiced, jealous, enviousRelated Words begrudging, grudging; avaricious, grasping, greedy, rapacious; distrustful, suspicious; malicious, petty, spitefulNear Antonyms generous, kind, kindhearted; altruistic, benevolent, charitable; well-meaningAntonyms unenvious

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