Synonyms and Antonyms of malcontent

  1. having a feeling that one has been wronged or thwarted in one's ambitions <she seems like a very malcontent person, always acting as if the entire world were out to get her> Synonyms aggrieved, discontent, disgruntled, displeased, dissatisfied, discontentedRelated Words disappointed, disenchanted, disillusioned, frustrated, unfulfilled; disquieted, disturbed, perturbed, upset; dejected, depressed, despairing, despondent, disconsolate, doleful, down, downcast, downhearted, forlorn, hangdog, inconsolable, joyless, low-spirited, miserable, mournful, sad, sorrowful, unhappyNear Antonyms blissful, delighted, glad, happy, joyful, joyous; elated, exultant, jubilant, triumphantAntonyms content, contented, gratified, pleased, satisfied

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