Synonyms and Antonyms of languorous

  1. lacking bodily energy or motivation the drummer's languorous playing caused the rest of the band to keep missing the beat Synonyms enervated, lackadaisical, languid, languishing, listless, limp, spiritlessRelated Words indolent, lazy, slothful; dull, lethargic, logy (also loggy), sleepy, sluggish, torpid; exhausted, knackered [British], tired, weary; feeble, frail, weak; apathetic, impassive, indifferent, phlegmatic, stolid; careless, heedless, thoughtless, unwary; inactive, inertNear Antonyms active, dynamic, industrious, kinetic; avid, eager, enthusiastic, keen, lively, pumped, vivacious; cheerful, chipper, perky, up; agog, alert, awake, dapper, open-eyed, sleepless, vigilant, watchful, wide-awakeAntonyms ambitious, animated, energetic, enterprising, motivated

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