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  1. 1 a usually fixed or ordered series of actions or events leading to a result the process by which the elastic fibers spun by silkworms is turned into soft, lustrous cloth Synonyms course, operation, procedure, proceeding Related Words drill, routine; fashion, form, manner, method, mode, style, system, technique, way; approach, arrangement, blueprint, design, formula, game plan, ground plan, layout, plan, plot, program, project, recipe, scheme, strategy; accomplishment, achievement, attainment, enterprise, performance, undertaking, work; activity, functioning, movement

  2. 2 forward movement in time or place in the process of doing this project we all learned a lot Synonyms advancement, furtherance, going, headway, march, onrush, passage, advance, procession, progress, progressionRelated Words current, drift, flow, flux, stream, way; advent, approach, arrival, coming, nearing; bound, jump, leap, step, stride; impetus, momentumNear Antonyms backwash, ebb, reflux; retraction, return, reversal, reverse; about-face, turnabout, turnaroundAntonyms recess, recession, regress, regression, retreat, retrogression

  3. 3 a written notice ordering a person to appear in court the prosecutor arranged for a process for her appearance to be issued Synonyms summons, subpoenaRelated Words capias, warrant, writ; ticket

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