Synonyms and Antonyms of filter

  1. 1 to pass through a filter steep the tea and then filter it to get rid of the leaves Synonyms strain, screenRelated Words leach, percolate

  2. 2 to remove usually visible impurities from after frying the chicken, we filtered the oil and kept it in the refrigerator to use again Synonyms clear, distill (also distil), clarify, fine, garble, purifyRelated Words process, rectify, refine; clean, cleanse, decontaminate, elutriate, purge, wash; extract, leach; bolt, screen, sieve, sift; disinfect, sanitizeNear Antonyms cloud, dull, muddy; contaminate, dirty, soil; defile, pollute, taint; begrime, besmirch, foul, sully

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