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Synonyms and Antonyms of distill

  1. 1 to fall or let fall in or as if in drops the basement walls distill water every time it rains heavily Synonyms drip (also distil), dribble, drop, trickleRelated Words drizzle, sprinkle; flow, pour, roll, run, stream; cascade, gutter, riffle, ripple; bleed, exude, ooze, seep, weep; dischargeNear Antonyms gush, spout, spurt

  2. 2 to remove usually visible impurities from distill the water before pouring it in the steam iron Synonyms clear, clarify (also distil), filter, fine, garble, purifyRelated Words process, rectify, refine; clean, cleanse, decontaminate, elutriate, purge, wash; extract, leach; bolt, screen, sieve, sift; disinfect, sanitizeNear Antonyms cloud, dull, muddy; contaminate, dirty, soil; defile, pollute, taint; begrime, besmirch, foul, sully

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