Synonyms and Antonyms of wash

  1. spongy land saturated or partially covered with water <an invasive species threatening the plants native to the region's washes> Synonyms bog, fen, marsh, marshland, mire, moor, morass, muskeg, slough (also slew or slue), swampland, swamp, wetlandRelated Words swale; quagmire; guck (or gook), muck, mud, ooze, slime, slop, sludge, slush



Synonyms and Antonyms of wash

  1. 1 to flow along or against <crystal-clear waters gently wash the island's unspoiled beaches> Synonyms bathe, lap, lave, lip, splash Related Words bubble, gurgle, plash, ripple, slosh

  2. 2 to withstand scrutiny and gain acceptance or approval <the employee's story about missing the bus didn't wash with her manager> Synonyms fly, hold up, pass, stand up Related Words get through, go down, go over, go through, play, take, work Phrases hold water, pass muster

  3. 3 to flow in a broken irregular stream <soapy water washing down the drain> Synonyms bubble, dribble, guggle, lap, plash, ripple, splash, trickle, gurgleRelated Words eddy, purl, swirl; swash, swish, swoosh, whish; drip, drop; gush, jet, rush, spew, spout, spurt, squirtNear Antonyms runAntonyms pour, roll, stream

  4. 4 to make wet <rain washed the countryside for days on end> Synonyms bathe, bedraggle, douse (also dowse), drench, drown, soak, sodden, sop, souse, wet, water, waterlog, water-soak, wet downRelated Words asperse, bedew, damp, dampen, drizzle, humidify, hydrate, mist, moisten, moisturize, shower, sprinkle; deluge, flood, hose (down), inundate, overflow; submerge, swamp; splash; impregnate, saturate, steep; flush, irrigate, lave, rinse, slosh, sluice; dip, duck, dunk; rehydrate, rewash, rewetNear Antonyms dewater, evaporate, freeze-dry; drip-dry, wring; dehumidifyAntonyms dehydrate, desiccate, dry, parch, scorch, sear

  5. 5 to pour liquid over or through in order to cleanse <washed the baby's hair> Synonyms irrigate, rinse, sluice, flush, wash outRelated Words deluge, engulf, flood, inundate, swamp; flow, gush, rush, stream; douche, hose; drench, saturate, soak; douse (also dowse), slosh, splash

  6. 6 to cause (as a liquid) to move about in a circle especially repeatedly <she absentmindedly washed her tea by tipping her cup, until the honey was at last mixed in> Synonyms agitate, churn, swirl, stir, whirlRelated Words beat, paddle, whip, whisk; reel, shake, wheel

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