Synonyms and Antonyms of wheel

  1. 1 a rapid turning about on an axis or central point the wheel of the tape reel Synonyms gyration, pirouette, reel, revolution, roll, rotation, twirl, spin, whirlRelated Words circuit, circulation, ring, round; coil, curl, curve, spiral, twist, whorl; circle, orbit; eddy, swirl

  2. 2 one of high position or importance within a group she's a major wheel in that state's Democratic Party Synonyms big, big boy, big cheese, bigfoot, biggie, big gun, big leaguer, big-timer, big wheel, bigwig, fat cat, heavy, heavy hitter, heavyweight, high-muck-a-muck (or high-muckety-muck), honcho, kahuna, kingfish, kingpin, major leaguer, muckety-muck (also muck-a-muck or mucky-muck), nabob, nawab, nibs, nob [chiefly British], pooh-bah (also poo-bah), big shotRelated Words baron, czar (also tsar or tzar), king, lion, magnate, mogul, prince, tycoon; VIPNear Antonyms inferior, subordinate, underling; mediocrity, obscurityAntonyms lightweight, nobody, nonentity, nothing, shrimp, twerp, whippersnapper, zero, zilch

  3. 3 a series of events or actions that repeat themselves regularly and in the same order the wheel of time turns: the children are now the parents, and their children have taken their place at the school desks Synonyms circle, merry-go-round, round, cycle, zodiacRelated Words pattern, syndrome; course, development, progression, run; beat, circuit, loop, ring; rotation, revolution, turn, turnover; chain, sequence, series, string, succession, train

  4. 4 wheels pl  slang  a self-propelled passenger vehicle on four wheels now that I've got wheels, I can go to the outlet mall Synonyms auto, automobile, bus, horseless carriage, machine, motor, motorcar, motor vehicle, wheels [slang]Related Words coach, jitney, microbus, minibus, minivan, omnibus, van; convertible, fastback, hardtop, hatchback, notchback, ragtop, sports car, sport-utility vehicle, station wagon, SUV, town car, wagon, woody (or woodie); compact, coupe (or coupé), intermediate, limousine, mini, minicar, sedan, subcompact, V-8; gas-guzzler, land yacht; muscle car, stock car, turbocar; beater, clunker, crate, flivver, jalopy, junker; cream puff; phaeton, roadster, tin lizzie, touring car; hybrid



Synonyms and Antonyms of wheel

  1. 1 to change the course or direction of (something) wheeled the bike around sharply to see what had fallen off Synonyms deflect, divert, redirect, swing, veer, turn, whipRelated Words avert, deviate, move, rechannel, shift, shunt, sidetrack, swerve, switch, transfer; swivel, twist, whirl, zigzag; bend, curve, sway; reverse, turn back

  2. 2 to move (something) in a curved or circular path on or as if on an axis wheeled the bicycle's tires around to see if they were balanced Synonyms pivot, revolve, roll, rotate, spin, swing, swirl, swivel, twirl, twist, turn, whirlRelated Words screw, unscrew; twiddle; coil, crank, reel, wind; circulate

  3. 3 to move in circles around an axis or center she wheeled around and around until finally she got dizzy and fell down Synonyms gyrate, pinwheel, pirouette, revolve, roll, rotate, turn, twirl, spin, whirlRelated Words coil, curl, curve, round, spiral, swirl, twine, twist, wind; circle, circulate, encircle, orbit, ring; pivot, swivel

  4. 4 to turn away from a straight line or course the highway wheels to the west as it forms an arc that bypasses the city Synonyms arc, arch, bend, bow, crook, fall off, hook, round, sweep, swerve, trend, curveRelated Words circle, coil, curlicue, curl, loop, spiral; turn, twist, wind; deviate, veerAntonyms straighten

  5. 5 to change one's course or direction upon hearing the construction workers' suggestive remarks, she wheeled around to glare at them Synonyms detour, deviate, diverge, sheer, swerve, swing, turn off, veer, turnRelated Words tack, zigzag; double (back), turn back

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to bring about or cause (something)

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