Synonyms and Antonyms of machine

  1. 1 a device that changes energy into mechanical motion <a machine that washes dishes for you> Synonyms engine, motorRelated Words converter, transformer; appliance, mechanism; equipment, tool; mill

  2. 2 a self-propelled passenger vehicle on four wheels <that Corvette is a machine that any guy would love to own> Synonyms auto, automobile, bus, horseless carriage, car, motor, motorcar, motor vehicle, wheels [slang]Related Words coach, jitney, microbus, minibus, minivan, omnibus, van; convertible, fastback, hardtop, hatchback, notchback, ragtop, sports car, sport-utility vehicle, station wagon, SUV, town car, wagon, woody (or woodie); compact, coupe (or coupé), intermediate, limousine, mini, minicar, sedan, subcompact, V-8; gas-guzzler, land yacht; muscle car, stock car, turbocar; beater, clunker, crate, flivver, jalopy, junker; cream puff; phaeton, roadster, tin lizzie, touring car; hybrid

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