Synonyms and Antonyms of enhance

  1. 1 to make better some shrubbery would really enhance the curb appeal of that house Synonyms ameliorate, amend, better, improve, enrich, help, meliorate, perfect, refine, upgradeRelated Words correct, emend, rectify, reform, remediate, remedy; edit, fine-tune, redraft, refurbish, rehab, rehabilitate, revamp, revise, rework; beef (up), boost, fortify, intensify, reinforce (also reenforce), strengthen; fine, hone, polish; retouch, touch upNear Antonyms damage, endamage, harm, hurt, impair, injure, spoil, tarnish, vitiate; blemish, blight, deface, disfigure, flaw, mar; diminish, lessen, lower, reduceAntonyms worsen

  2. 2 to make markedly greater in measure or degree the right makeup would enhance the beauty of her eyes Synonyms accentuate, amp (up), amplify, beef (up), boost, consolidate, deepen, intensify, heighten, magnify, redouble, step up, strengthenRelated Words broaden, enlarge, expand, extend, lengthen; accelerate, hasten, quicken; emphasize, point (up), sharpen, stress; augment, enforce, reinforce (also reenforce), restrengthen, supplement; maximize; enliven, jazz (up); aggravate, exacerbateNear Antonyms decrease, diminish, lessen, let up (on), reduce, subdue, tone (down), weaken; dwindle, recede, subside, taper (off), wane; alleviate, ease, lightenAntonyms abate, moderate

  3. 3 to make more desirable leather seats and a state-of-the-art stereo system enhance the sedan Synonyms candy, dress up, sweetenRelated Words ameliorate, enrich, improve, meliorate; embellish, soup up, trick; cosmeticize, doll up, spruce

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