Synonyms and Antonyms of rework

  1. 1 to make different in some way <the sculptor reworked the clay into another shape> Synonyms alter, make over, modify, recast, redo, refashion, remake, remodel, revamp, revise, change, varyRelated Words deform, metamorphose, mutate; regenerate, revolutionize, transfigure, transform, transmute; commute, convert, exchange; rejigger, retoolAntonyms fix, freeze, set, stabilize

  2. 2 to prepare for publication by correcting, rewriting, or updating <the magazine will publish your poem if you rework it so that it's a little shorter> Synonyms redraft, revamp, revise, editRelated Words perfect, polish, touch up; copyedit, read, sub [British], subedit; reedit; amend, annotate, correct, emend, rectify; fact-check; anthologize, collect, compile; get out, issue, print, publish; abridge, blue-pencil, redact, red-pencil; engross, recopy

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