Synonyms and Antonyms of read

  1. 1 to go over and mentally take in the content of he always reads the newspaper in the morning as he eats breakfast Synonyms peruse, pore (over) Related Words browse, dip (into), leaf (through), scan, skim, speed-read, thumb (through), turn over; devour, gobble (up); slog (through), wade (through); reread; proofread; decipher; review, study; apprehend, comprehend, get, grasp, make, make out, perceive, see, tumble (to), understand

  2. 2 to tell of or describe beforehand the psychic claimed to be able to read his future Synonyms augur, call, forecast, predict, presage, prognosticate, prophesy, foretell, vaticinateRelated Words alert, caution, forewarn, warn; bode, forebode (also forbode), portend, promise; anticipate, divine, foreknow, foresee; announce, declare, herald, proclaimNear Antonyms describe, narrate, recite, recount, relate, report, tell

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