Synonyms and Antonyms of browse

  1. 1 to feed on grass or herbs <cows browsing in fields are a common sight along that stretch of the road> Synonyms {h,1}graze, forage, pasture, rustleRelated Words eat, feed, nibble; range, stock; overgraze

  2. 2 to take a quick or hasty look <browsed through the stacks looking for interesting books> Synonyms glance, dip, glimpse, glint, peek, skimRelated Words keek [chiefly Scottish], peep; blink, squint; look over, peruse, rake, scanNear Antonyms examine, overlook, oversee, question, survey; study, view; peer, pry; gawk, goggle, rubberneck; leer, ogleAntonyms gaze, stare

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