Synonyms and Antonyms of glower

  1. 1 to look with anger or disapproval baseball fans glowering at their TVs as they watched their favorite team lose Synonyms glare, gloom, frown, lower (also lour), scowlRelated Words gape, gaze, ogle, stare; grimace, pout, sulk; growl, snarl, sneer, sniggerAntonyms beam, grin, smile

  2. 2 to take on a gloomy or forbidding look the old man just sat in his rocking chair, his face glowering at the prospect of unwanted company Synonyms gloom, darken, lower (also lour)Related Words frown, scowl; glare, stare; brood, mope, pet, pout, sulk; anger, bristle, fume, rage, steam, storm; intimidate, menace, threatenAntonyms brighten, cheer (up), lighten, perk (up)

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