Synonyms and Antonyms of examination

  1. 1 a set of questions or problems designed to assess knowledge, skills, or intelligence <applicants to the prep school are required to take a demanding examination> Synonyms exam, quiz, test Related Words aptitude test, intelligence test, placement test; pretest, retest; board(s), midterm, midyear; catechism; audition; final; checkup, inspection, review; inquiry, interrogation, investigation, probe, research

  2. 2 a systematic search for the truth or facts about something <an examination into the extent and causes of juvenile delinquency in the community> Synonyms delving, disquisition, examen, inquiry, exploration, inquest, inquisition, investigation, probation, probe, probing, research, studyRelated Words quest; audit, check; checkup, diagnosis, inspection; hearing, interrogation, trial; feeler, query, question; poll, questionary, questionnaire, survey; challenge, cross-examination, going-over, grilling, quiz; rehearing, reinvestigation; self-examination, self-exploration, self-questioning, self-reflection, self-scrutiny, soul-searching

  3. 3 a close look at or over someone or something in order to judge condition <even a hasty examination will tell any jeweler that that is not a real diamond> Synonyms audit, check, checkup, inspection, going-over, look-see, review, scan, scrutiny, survey, viewRelated Words analysis, assay, close-up, deconstruction, dissection; exploration, investigation, probe, research, study; inquisition, interrogation; once-over, perusal; recheck, reinspection, resurvey; observation, surveillance, watch; checkout, test-drive, trial run

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