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  1. 1 a systematic search for the truth or facts about something an examen of the president's assasination that has been plagued by controversy since its original publication Synonyms delving, disquisition, inquiry, examination, exploration, inquest, inquisition, investigation, probation, probe, probing, research, studyRelated Words quest; audit, check; checkup, diagnosis, inspection; hearing, interrogation, trial; feeler, query, question; poll, questionary, questionnaire, survey; challenge, cross-examination, going-over, grilling, quiz; rehearing, reinvestigation; self-examination, self-exploration, self-questioning, self-reflection, self-scrutiny, soul-searching

  2. 2 an essay evaluating or analyzing something an insightful examen of the poet's works Synonyms critique, criticism, notice, reviewRelated Words column, commentary, editorial, punditry; appraisal, assessment, evaluation; analysis, examination, opinion, outline, study, survey

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