Synonyms and Antonyms of inquiry

  1. 1 a systematic search for the truth or facts about something an inquiry into the origins of the universe Synonyms delving, disquisition, examen, examination, exploration, inquest, inquisition, investigation, probation, probe, probing, research, study Related Words quest; audit, check; checkup, diagnosis, inspection; hearing, interrogation, trial; feeler, query, question; poll, questionary, questionnaire, survey; challenge, cross-examination, going-over, grilling, quiz; rehearing, reinvestigation; self-examination, self-exploration, self-questioning, self-reflection, self-scrutiny, soul-searching

  2. 2 an act or instance of asking for information one student made a hesitant inquiry about the assignment Synonyms call, question, query, requestRelated Words interrogatory; poll, questionnaire, survey; inquisition, interrogating, interrogation, questioning; examination, exploration, inquest, investigation, probe, probing, research, studyNear Antonyms answer, reply, response

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