Synonyms and Antonyms of answer

  1. 1 something spoken or written in reaction especially to a question the standard answer of “Fine, thank you” when asked, “How are you?” Synonyms comeback, rejoinder, replication, reply, response, retort, return Related Words back talk, banter, persiflage, repartee; acknowledgment (or acknowledgement), comment, communication, correspondence, feedback, non sequitur, observation, reaction, remark; defense, explanation, justification, plea, rebuttal, refutation Near Antonyms challenge, charge, cross-examination, grilling, interrogation, interrogatory, quiz; poll, questionnaire, survey Antonyms inquiry, query, question

  2. 2 something attained by mental effort and especially by computation the answers to the odd-numbered problems are at the back of the book Synonyms result, solution Related Words conclusion, determination, explanation, finding; clue, key

  3. 3 action or behavior that is done in return to other action or behavior a cold stare was her withering answer to that gratuitous insult Synonyms reaction, reply, response, takeRelated Words backlash, kickback; rebound; recoil, reflex; revulsion, rise; counterreaction, counterresponseNear Antonyms action, behavior; cause, effect



Synonyms and Antonyms of answer

  1. 1 to speak or write in reaction to a question or to another reaction didn't answer right away when the detective asked him where he'd been for the last three hours Synonyms come back, rejoin, reply, respond, retort, return, riposte Related Words acknowledge, comment, communicate, correspond, react, remark; counter, defend, deny, explain, field, rebut, refute Near Antonyms challenge, cross-examine, examine, grill, interrogate, pump, quiz; poll, query, survey Antonyms ask, inquire, question

  2. 2 to be in agreement on every point sorry, I haven't seen anyone answering to that description Synonyms accord, agree, check, chord, cohere, coincide, comport, conform, consist, correspond, dovetail, fit, go, harmonize, jibe, rhyme (also rime), sort, square, tallyRelated Words equal, match, parallel; align (also aline), line up, registerNear Antonyms contradict, dispute, gainsay; negate, nullify; clash, conflict, jarAntonyms differ (from), disagree (with)

  3. 3 to do what is required by the terms of I don't have a box cutter as such, but will this knife answer the purpose? Synonyms fulfill, complete, comply (with), fill, keep, meet, redeem, satisfyRelated Words conclude, consummate, finalize, finish, perfect; accomplish, achieve, bring about, bring off, carry out, effect; commit, compass, discharge, execute, follow through (with), make, performNear Antonyms default (on); disregard, forget, ignore, neglect, overlook, overpass, pass over, slightAntonyms breach, break, transgress, violate

  4. 4 to find an answer for through reasoning try to answer this riddle Synonyms solve, break, crack, dope (out), figure out, puzzle (out), resolve, riddle (out), unravel, unriddle, work, work outRelated Words conclude, decide, deduce, gather, infer, judge, reason; clear (up), iron out, straighten (out), unscramble, untangle, untie; assume, conjecture, divine, guess, presume, speculate; decipher, decode

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