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as in result
something attained by mental effort and especially by computation the answers to the odd-numbered problems are at the back of the book

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as in reaction
action or behavior that is done in return to other action or behavior a cold stare was her withering answer to that gratuitous insult

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as in to respond
to speak or write in reaction to a question or to another reaction didn't answer right away when the detective asked him where he'd been for the last three hours

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How does the noun answer differ from other similar words?

Some common synonyms of answer are rejoinder, reply, response, and retort. While all these words mean "something spoken, written, or done in return," answer implies the satisfying of a question, demand, call, or need.

had answers to all their questions

Where would rejoinder be a reasonable alternative to answer?

The synonyms rejoinder and answer are sometimes interchangeable, but rejoinder can be a response to a reply or to an objection.

a salesman with a quick rejoinder to every argument

When would reply be a good substitute for answer?

The meanings of reply and answer largely overlap; however, reply often suggests a thorough response to all issues, points, or questions raised.

a point-by-point reply to the accusation

When might response be a better fit than answer?

In some situations, the words response and answer are roughly equivalent. However, response may imply a quick or spontaneous reaction to a person or thing that serves as a stimulus.

a response to the call for recruits

In what contexts can retort take the place of answer?

While the synonyms retort and answer are close in meaning, retort implies a reaction to an implicit or explicit charge, criticism, or attack which contains a countercharge or counterattack.

she made a cutting retort to her critics

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