Synonyms and Antonyms of untangle

  1. 1 to separate the various strands of gently untangled the baby's hair Synonyms disentangle, ravel (out), unbraid, unlay, unsnarl, unravel, untwine, untwist, unweaveRelated Words fray, fret; smooth, straighten (out); uncoil, undo, unknot, unlace, unroll, unstring, unthread, untie, unwindNear Antonyms braid, knot, lace, plait, ply, splice, tie, windAntonyms entangle, snarl, tangle

  2. 2 to set free from entanglement or difficulty I was finally able to untangle myself from my credit problems Synonyms clear, disembarrass, disengage, disentangle, free, liberate, release, extricateRelated Words deliver, redeem, rescue, save; disburden, disencumber, unburden; unravel, unsnarl, untie, untwineNear Antonyms block, hamper, hinder, impede, obstruct; burden, encumber, load, weighAntonyms embroil, entangle

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