Synonyms and Antonyms of make

  1. 1 to bring into being by combining, shaping, or transforming materials will you help me make the dough for the cookies? Synonyms of make fabricate, fashion, form, frame, manufacture, produce Words Related to make assemble, build, construct, erect, make up, put up, raise, rear, set up, structure, throw up; craft, handcraft; hew; forge, mold, shape; cobble (together or up), knock out, patch (together), throw up; prefabricate; create, invent, mint, originate; establish, father, institute, organize; concoct, contrive, cook (up), design, devise, imagine, think (up); conceive, envisage, picture, visualize; refashion, remake, remanufacture Phrases put together Near Antonyms of make disassemble, dismantle, take apart; break up, dismember; abolish, annihilate, demolish, destroy, devastate, eradicate, exterminate, extinguish, flatten, pulverize, raze, ruin, shatter, smash, wreck; blow up, explode

  2. 2 to obtain (as a goal) through effort we finally made it! Synonyms of make attain, bag, chalk up, clock (up) [chiefly British], gain, hit, log, achieve, notch (up), rack up, ring up, score, winWords Related to make acquire, capture, carry, draw, garner, get, land, achieve, obtain, procure, realize, secure; amount (to), approach, equal, match, measure up (to), meet, rival, tie, touch; beat, excel, outdo, surpass, topNear Antonyms of make fall short (of), miss; fail (at); lose

  3. 3 to be the cause of (a situation, action, or state of mind) the cats made quite a disturbance when they knocked the Christmas tree over Synonyms of make beget, breed, bring, bring about, bring on, catalyze, cause, create, do, draw on, effectuate, engender, generate, induce, invoke, effect, occasion, produce, prompt, result (in), spawn, translate (into), work, yieldWords Related to make conduce (to), contribute (to); decide, determine; begin, establish, father, found, inaugurate, initiate, innovate, institute, introduce, launch, pioneer, set, set up, start; advance, cultivate, develop, encourage, forward, foster, further, nourish, nurture, promote; enact, render, turn outNear Antonyms of make impede, limit, restrict; clamp down (on), crack down (on), crush, dampen, put down, quash, quell, repress, smother, squash, squelch, stifle, subdue, suppress; arrest, check, control, curb, inhibit, rein (in), restrain, retard; can [slang], kill, snuff (out), still; abolish, demolish, destroy, extinguish, liquidate, quench

  4. 4 to carry through (as a process) to completion one person from each department will be asked to make a short presentation at the meeting Synonyms of make accomplish, achieve, bring off, carry off, carry out, commit, compass, do, execute, follow through (with), fulfill (or fulfil), perform, negotiate, perpetrate, prosecute, pull off, put throughWords Related to make bring about, effect, effectuate, implement; ace, nail; engage (in), practice (also practise); work (at); reduplicate, reenact, repeat; actualize, attain, realize; complete, end, finish, wind upNear Antonyms of make fail; skimp, slight, slur

  5. 5 to cause (a person) to give in to pressure made him do all the work while everyone else just lounged around Synonyms of make blackjack, coerce, compel, constrain, dragoon, drive, impel, impress, force, muscle, obligate, oblige, press, pressure, sandbagWords Related to make browbeat, bulldoze, bully, cow, hector, intimidate; blackmail, high-pressure, menace, shame, terrorize, threaten; drag; badger, harass, houndNear Antonyms of make allow, let, permit; argue, convince, induce, move, persuade, prevail (on or upon), satisfy, talk (into), win (over)

  6. 6 to decide the size, amount, number, or distance of (something) without actual measurement I make that to be about six feet long Synonyms of make calculate, call, conjecture, figure, gauge (also gage), guess, judge, estimate, place, put, reckon, supposeWords Related to make conclude, deduce, extrapolate, gather, infer, reason, understandNear Antonyms of make calibrate, measure, scale; compute, work out

  7. 7 to form by putting together parts or materials make a model airplane Synonyms of make assemble, confect, construct, erect, fabricate, build, make up, piece, put up, raise, rear, set upWords Related to make carpenter, fashion, forge, frame, hammer, handcraft, manufacture, mold, produce, shape; prefabricate; begin, coin, create, generate, inaugurate, initiate, innovate, invent, originate; constitute, establish, father, found, institute, organize; conceive, concoct, contrive, cook (up), design, devise, imagine, think (up); reassemble, rebuild, reconstruct, redevelop, reedify [British], retrofit; jerry-build, rig (up), throw up; combine, uniteNear Antonyms of make demolish, destroy, devastate, flatten, level, pull down, pulverize, raze, ruin, ruinate, shatter, smash, wreck; blow up, explode; detach, disengage; disconnect, disjoin, disunite, divide, separateAntonyms of make demount, disassemble, dismantle, dismember, knock down, strike, take down, tear down

  8. 8 to give the impression of being the family made merry despite their financial worries Synonyms of make act, appear, come across (as), come off (as), feel, look, seem, soundWords Related to make dissemble, pretend; recall, resemble, suggest; hint, imply, insinuate

  9. 9 to go on a specified course or in a certain direction the baby made straight for the toy lying on the rug Synonyms of make bear, headWords Related to make aim, bend, direct, point, turn; beeline, light out, put, put out, set off, set out, strike, take off; face, orient, steer; about-face, back, come about, come round, cut, incline, put about, reverse, swerve, tack, turn back, veer, wheel, yaw

  10. 10 to put into effect through legislative or authoritative action the legislature failed to make any new laws last session Synonyms of make constitute, lay down, legislate, enact, ordain, passWords Related to make reenact, repass; bring about, effect; allow, authorize, permit, sanction; decree, dictate, proclaim; administer, execute; approve, confirm, ratifyNear Antonyms of make abolish, abrogate, annul, cancel, invalidate, kill, nullify; overturn, reverse, voidAntonyms of make repeal, rescind, revoke

  11. 11 to receive as return for effort I make considerably more money now than I did when I first started working here Synonyms of make acquire, attain, bag, bring in, capture, carry, come by, draw, gain, garner, get, knock down, land, earn, obtain, procure, pull down, realize, reap, secure, winWords Related to make clear, gross, net; accomplish, achieve, notch (up), score; accumulate, amass, draw, rack up; catch, pick up; annex, occupy, take over; reacquire, reattain, recapture, regain, remakeNear Antonyms of make accord, give, grant, pay; give up, hand over, part (with), relinquish, surrender, yieldAntonyms of make forfeit, lose

  12. 12 to have a clear idea of what do you make of the latest information? Synonyms of make appreciate, apprehend, assimilate, behold, catch, catch on (to), cognize, compass, conceive, cotton (to or on to), decipher, decode, dig, discern, get, grasp, grok, intuit, know, comprehend, make out, perceive, recognize, register, savvy, see, seize, sense, tumble (to), twig, understandWords Related to make absorb, digest, take in; realize; fathom, penetrate, pierceNear Antonyms of make misapprehend, misconceive, misconstrue, misinterpret, misperceive, misread, mistake, misunderstandAntonyms of make miss

  13. 13 chiefly dialect  to position (something) so as to prevent passage through an opening make the gate when ye leave Synonyms of make close [chiefly dialect], shut, steek [chiefly Scottish]Words Related to make bar, batten (down), bolt, chain, fasten, latch, lock; plug, seal, stopper; secure; bang, clap, slamNear Antonyms of make unbar, unbolt, unchain, unfasten, unlatch, unlock, unsealAntonyms of make open

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to make or become suitable or fit

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