Synonyms and Antonyms of veer

  1. 1 to change one's course or direction at this point the river veers to the southwest before finally emptying into the Atlantic Ocean Synonyms detour, deviate, diverge, sheer, swerve, swing, turn off, turn, wheelRelated Words tack, zigzag; double (back), turn back

  2. 2 to change the course or direction of (something) veered the ship abruptly to the right to avoid a collision Synonyms deflect, divert, redirect, swing, turn, wheel, whipRelated Words avert, deviate, move, rechannel, shift, shunt, sidetrack, swerve, switch, transfer; swivel, twist, whirl, zigzag; bend, curve, sway; reverse, turn back

  3. 3 to depart abruptly from a straight line or course without warning the car veered to the left and into an oncoming truck Synonyms break, cut, sheer, swerve, yaw, zag, zigRelated Words skew, slew (also slue); arc, arch, bend, bow, crook, curve, hook, round, sweep, wheel; about-face, pivot; circle, coil, curl, loop, spiral; turn, twist, wind; weave, zigzag; deviate, stray, wander, waverAntonyms straighten

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