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  1. 1 to change one's course or direction thinking that we were being followed, we abruptly swung to the left at the next intersection Synonyms detour, deviate, diverge, sheer, swerve, turn, turn off, veer, wheelRelated Words tack, zigzag; double (back), turn back

  2. 2 to change the course or direction of (something) at the sound of gunfire, the cavalry officer swung his horse around and galloped rapidly back to the fort Synonyms deflect, divert, redirect, turn, veer, wheel, whipRelated Words avert, deviate, move, rechannel, shift, shunt, sidetrack, swerve, switch, transfer; swivel, twist, whirl, zigzag; bend, curve, sway; reverse, turn back

  3. 3 to deal with (something) usually skillfully or efficiently a man who's able to swing two full-time jobs Synonyms address, contend (with), cope (with), field, grapple (with), hack, manage, maneuver, manipulate, negotiate, play, handle, take, treatRelated Words engineer, finesse, jockey; bring off, carry off, carry out, get off, pull; command, direct, guide, steer; control, micromanage, regulate, run; react (to), respond (to)Near Antonyms botch, bungle, foozle, fumble, goof (up), louse up, mess (up), mishandle, muff, scamp

  4. 4 to move (something) in a curved or circular path on or as if on an axis swung the bat and missed the ball don't let the wind swing that gate shut Synonyms pivot, revolve, roll, rotate, spin, turn, swirl, swivel, twirl, twist, wheel, whirlRelated Words screw, unscrew; twiddle; coil, crank, reel, wind; circulate

  5. 5 to place on an elevated point without support from below beach towels swung up to dry on the lifeguard's high chair Synonyms dangle, sling, suspend, hangRelated Words hook, mount, pin, tack; drape, festoon, garland, string; extend (out), jut, project, stick out; overhang, protrude; cascade, depend, fall; balance, poise

  6. 6 to have enough money for I don't think that we can swing that hefty a mortgage Synonyms go, affordRelated Words cover; expend, finance, outlay, pay (for), pony up, spring (for); pick up, purchase, take; acquire, get, obtain, procure, secure; bid, offer; bankroll, endow, subsidize, underwrite

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a trip made at another's expense

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