Synonyms and Antonyms of suspend

  1. 1 to bring to a formal close for a period of time the judge suspended the hearing to give the district attorney more time to process evidence Synonyms prorogate, prorogue, recess, adjournRelated Words break off, disband, discontinue, disperse, intermit, interrupt; defer, hold off, postpone, put off, reserve, shelve, table; dissolve, end, halt, stop, terminate; break up, close, conclude, wind up, wrap up; abort, call, call off, drop, recall, repeal, rescind, revoke; abrogate, annul, invalidate, negate, nullify, quash, voidNear Antonyms inaugurate, launch, open; carry on, continue, draw out, extend, proceed, prolong; renew, reopen, resume; assemble, call, convene, convoke, muster, rally, summon

  2. 2 to place on an elevated point without support from below suspended a banner proclaiming the town's “Heritage Days” from the archway Synonyms dangle, sling, hang, swingRelated Words hook, mount, pin, tack; drape, festoon, garland, string; extend (out), jut, project, stick out; overhang, protrude; cascade, depend, fall; balance, poise

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