Synonyms and Antonyms of summon

  1. 1 to demand or request the presence or service of without explanation, the managing editor summoned me to his office Synonyms call, hail Related Words cite, subpoena; assemble, call out, call up, convene, convoke, muster; ask, bid, invite; command, order, request, requisition; beckon, demand, invoke; buzz, knell, page, ring, whistle Phrases send for Near Antonyms dismiss, send (away), turn away; banish, boot (out), cast out, drum (out), eject, expel, kick out, oust, out, rout, run off, throw out, turf (out) [chiefly British]

  2. 2 to call into being through the use of one's inner resources or powers managed to summon a bright smile despite the gloomy day Synonyms conjure (up), gather, get up Related Words educe, elicit, evoke, raise

  3. 3 to bring together in assembly by or as if by command summoned a special session of parliament Synonyms assemble, call, convene, muster, convokeRelated Words rally; call in, call out, call up, knell; amass, collect, gather, group, round up; reassemble, reconveneNear Antonyms break up, dissolve

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