Synonyms and Antonyms of expel

  1. 1 to drive or force out animal lover though I am, I was determined to expel the uninvited mouse from my room Synonyms banish, boot (out), bounce, cast out, chase, dismiss, drum (out), eject, extrude, kick out, oust, out, rout, run off, throw out, turf (out) [chiefly British], turn outRelated Words deforce, deport, displace, dispossess, evict, exile, expatriate, ostracize, read out, shut out; ax (or axe), can, cashier, defenestrate, discharge, fire, muster out, pink-slip, release, remove, retire, sack, terminateNear Antonyms accept, admit, receive, take, take in; welcome; entertain, harbor, house, lodge, shelter

  2. 2 to throw or give off something in a wastebasket was expelling a foul odor Synonyms cast, discharge, emanate, evolve, exhale, emit, expire [archaic], give out, irradiate, issue, radiate, release, send (out), shoot, throw out, ventRelated Words eliminate, evacuate, excrete, exude, ooze, secrete; eject, erupt, gush, jet, outpour, pour, spew, spout, spray, spurt, squirtNear Antonyms absorb, inhale, soak (up), sponge, suck (up), take up

  3. 3 to violently throw out or off (something from within) ringing and flashing madly, the slot machine expelled a bucketful of quarters Synonyms belch, disgorge, eject, eruct, erupt, jet, spew, spout, spurtRelated Words gush, pour, squirt, stream, surge; emanate, exhale, issue, release, shoot, spit, spring, vent; discharge, emit, fire; cast, fling, heave, hurl, launch, pitch, tossNear Antonyms bottle (up), contain, restrain, shut (in or up)

  4. 4 to let or force out of the lungs asked the patient to expel a deep breath Synonyms blow (out), breathe (out), exhale, expireRelated Words expectorateAntonyms inbreathe, inhale, inspire

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