Synonyms and Antonyms of chase

  1. 1 an animal that is hunted or killed the gazelle is a favorite chase of lions Synonyms prey, quarryRelated Words game; kill, victim; beast, brute, creature, critter; targetNear Antonyms carnivore; chaser, hunter, pursuer; killer, murdererAntonyms predator

  2. 2 the act of going after or in the tracks of another a high-speed car chase Synonyms pursuit, chasing, dogging, following, hounding, pursuing, shadowing, tagging, tailing, tracing, tracking, trailingRelated Words hot pursuit; tagging along; path, track, trail; search, seeking



Synonyms and Antonyms of chase

  1. 1 to drive or force out chased the cat out of the garden Synonyms banish, boot (out), bounce, cast out, eject, dismiss, drum (out), expel, extrude, kick out, oust, out, rout, run off, throw out, turf (out) [chiefly British], turn outRelated Words deforce, deport, displace, dispossess, evict, exile, expatriate, ostracize, read out, shut out; ax (or axe), can, cashier, defenestrate, discharge, fire, muster out, pink-slip, release, remove, retire, sack, terminateNear Antonyms accept, admit, receive, take, take in; welcome; entertain, harbor, house, lodge, shelter

  2. 2 to go after or on the track of a dog that likes to chase cars Synonyms bird-dog, follow, course, dog, hound, pursue, run, shadow, tag, tail, trace, track, trailRelated Words accompany, chaperone (or chaperon), escort; hunt, search (for), seek; eye, observe, watchNear Antonyms headAntonyms guide, lead, pilot

  3. 3 to seek out (game) for food or sport owls often chase mice in the dark Synonyms hunt, stalkRelated Words capture, drag, net, snare, trap; dog, ferret, hawk, hound; course, pursue, run, run down, spoor, track, trail; gun (for), harpoon, kill, shoot; poach; cull

  4. 4 to proceed or move quickly they chased all over the place to find the missing child Synonyms barrel, belt, blast, blaze, blow, bolt, bomb [slang], bowl, breeze, bundle, bustle, buzz, cannonball, careen, career, hurry, course, crack (on), dash, drive, fly, hare, hasten, hie, highball, hotfoot (it), hump, hurl, hurtle, hustle, jet, jump, motor, nip, pelt, race, ram, rip, rocket, run, rush, rustle, scoot, scurry, scuttle, shoot, speed, step, tear, travel, trot, whirl, whisk, zip, zoomRelated Words beetle, dart, flit, scamper, scud, scuffle; stampede, streak, whiz (or whizz); gallop, jog, sprint; accelerate, quicken, step out; catch up, fast-forward, outpace, outrun, outstrip, overtake; arrow, beelineNear Antonyms dally, dawdle, dillydally, drag, hang (around or out), lag, linger, loiter, poke, tarry; amble, lumber, plod, saunter, shuffle, stroll; decelerate, slow (down or up)Antonyms crawl, creep, poke

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to cast off or become cast off

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