Synonyms and Antonyms of bounce

  1. 1 to drive or force out the bar doesn't hesitate to bounce customers for getting rowdy Synonyms banish, boot (out), eject, cast out, chase, dismiss, drum (out), expel, extrude, kick out, oust, out, rout, run off, throw out, turf (out) [chiefly British], turn outRelated Words deforce, deport, displace, dispossess, evict, exile, expatriate, ostracize, read out, shut out; ax (or axe), can, cashier, defenestrate, discharge, fire, muster out, pink-slip, release, remove, retire, sack, terminateNear Antonyms accept, admit, receive, take, take in; welcome; entertain, harbor, house, lodge, shelter

  2. 2 to strike and fly off at an angle most of my shots bounce off the rim of the basket Synonyms glance, carom, rebound, ricochet, skim, skipRelated Words brush, graze, nudge, rake, shave, sweep; bump, contact, hit, kiss, touch; sideswipe; reflect

  3. 3 to let go from office, service, or employment I'll bounce you if I catch you talking that way again Synonyms ax (or axe), dismiss, can, cashier, discharge, fire, muster out, pink-slip, release, remove, retire, sack, terminate, turn offRelated Words downsize, excess, furlough, lay off, trim; boot (out), chuck (out), drum (out), kick out, throw out, unseat; separateNear Antonyms keep; reemploy, rehire; contract, subcontract; recruitAntonyms employ, engage, hire, retain, sign (up or on), take on

  4. 4 to set before the mind for consideration we bounced several script suggestions off the producers, but they weren't interested in any of them Synonyms advance, propose, offer, pose, proffer, propound, suggest, voteRelated Words move; nominate, recommend; present, submit, tender, trot out; file, lay, lodge; arrange, calculate, chart, contrive, cover, frame, map, plan, plot, shape

  5. 5 to move with a light springing step the girl bounced excitedly alongside her parents as they hurried toward the entrance to the amusement park Synonyms skip, bound, hop, lollop, lope, tripRelated Words caper, frisk, gambol, romp; skim, skitter; jump, leap, vaultNear Antonyms lumber, plod, trudge

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