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How does the noun pose contrast with its synonyms?

Some common synonyms of pose are affectation, airs, air, and mannerism. While all these words mean "an adopted way of speaking or behaving," pose implies an attitude deliberately assumed in order to impress others.

her shyness was just a pose

When might affectation be a better fit than pose?

Although the words affectation and pose have much in common, affectation applies to a trick of speech or behavior that strikes the observer as insincere.

the posh accent is an affectation

When could air be used to replace pose?

The words air and pose can be used in similar contexts, but air may suggest natural acquirement through environment or way of life.

a traveler's sophisticated air

In what contexts can airs take the place of pose?

In some situations, the words airs and pose are roughly equivalent. However, airs always implies artificiality and pretentiousness.

snobbish airs

Where would mannerism be a reasonable alternative to pose?

While in some cases nearly identical to pose, mannerism applies to an acquired eccentricity that has become a habit.

gesturing with a cigarette was her most noticeable mannerism

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