Synonyms and Antonyms of appearance

  1. 1 the outward form of someone or something especially as indicative of a quality the dignified appearance of this church leader the country club's manicured lawns and well-groomed appearance in general Synonyms aspect, dress, figure, garb, look, mien, outside, presence, regard [archaic] Related Words air, attitude, bearing, behavior, comportment, demeanor, deportment, manner, poise, pose; carriage, posture, stance; cast, mold, shape, turn; color, coloring, complexion; countenance, face, features, habit, habitus, person [archaic], physiognomy, superficies, visage Phrases cut of one's jib

  2. 2 outward and often deceptive indication can't you at least give the appearance of listening to what I say? Synonyms face, guise, name, outward, seeming, semblance, show Related Words air, effect, impression; hint, implication, insinuation, resemblance, suggestion; affectation, demonstration, display, fiction, image, imitation, imposture, likeness, make-believe (also make-belief), pose, pretense (or pretence), representation, simulation; cloak, disguise, exterior, facade (also façade), front, gloss, mask, masquerade, patina, Potemkin village, shape, shell, surface, veneer Phrases first blush

  3. 3 the act of coming upon a scene his appearance at the party caused considerable speculation Synonyms advent, arrival, coming, incomingRelated Words approach, entrance, ingress; beginning, birth, commencement, dawn, dawning, debut (also début), genesis, inception, morning, onset, startNear Antonyms dissipation, dissolution, evaporation, fadeaway, fading, melting, passing, vanishing; clearing out, egress, leaving, retirement, retreat, withdrawal; emigration, evacuation, exodusAntonyms decamping, decampment, departing, departure, disappearance, exit, exiting, farewell, going, leave-taking, parting, quitting

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