Synonyms and Antonyms of cast

  1. 1 a declaration that something will happen in the future stock market analysts offered an optimistic cast for the coming year Synonyms auguring, augury, bodement, prediction, forecast, forecasting, foretelling, predicting, presaging, prognosis, prognostic, prognosticating, prognostication, prophecy (also prophesy), soothsaying, vaticinationRelated Words foreboding, harbinger, omen, portent, prevision, prospectus, sign; anticipation, foreknowledge; foresight; conjecture, guess, surmise

  2. 2 a property that becomes apparent when light falls on an object and by which things that are identical in form can be distinguished the walls had a slight yellowish cast Synonyms color, hue, shade, tincture, tinge, tint, toneRelated Words overtone, undertone; primary color, secondary color, tertiary color; brightness, chroma, chromaticity, contrast, lightness, saturation, value; coloration, coloring, colorway, pigmentationNear Antonyms achromatism

  3. 3 an instance of looking especially briefly a mischievous cast in his eye when we asked what our destination would be Synonyms look, eye, gander, glance, glimpse, peek, peep, regard, sight, viewRelated Words gape, gaze, glare, leer, ogle, stare; side-glance; squinny, squint; coup d'oeil

  4. 4 facial appearance regarded as an indication of mood or feeling his face took on a somewhat sad cast when we asked how his ill wife was faring Synonyms look, countenance, expression, face, visageRelated Words frown, grimace, lower (also lour), mouth, pout, scowl; grin, smile; air, appearance, aspect, bearing, demeanor, manner, mien, presence

  5. 5 the outward appearance of something as distinguished from its substance the lovely cast of the baby's features Synonyms form, configuration, conformation, fashion, figure, geometry, shapeRelated Words contour, outline, profile, silhouette; frame, framework, shell, skeleton; arrangement, design, format, layout, makeup, organization, pattern, plan, setupNear Antonyms composition, material, matter, raw material, stuff, substance



Synonyms and Antonyms of cast

  1. 1 to throw or give off spermaceti candles, made from whale oil, are known to cast an exceptionally bright light Synonyms emit, discharge, emanate, evolve, exhale, expel, expire [archaic], give out, irradiate, issue, radiate, release, send (out), shoot, throw out, ventRelated Words eliminate, evacuate, excrete, exude, ooze, secrete; eject, erupt, gush, jet, outpour, pour, spew, spout, spray, spurt, squirtNear Antonyms absorb, inhale, soak (up), sponge, suck (up), take up

  2. 2 to point or turn (something) toward a target or goal cast her eyes skyward for signs of the rescue plane Synonyms bend, aim, direct, head, hold, level, pinpoint, set, trainRelated Words sight; bear, face; concentrate, focus; incline, orient, steerNear Antonyms avert, curve, deflect, detour, divert, rechannel, shunt, sidetrack

  3. 3 to put (something) into proper and usually carefully worked out written form carefully cast the letter of complaint as politely as possible Synonyms compose, craft, draft, draw up, formulate, frame, prepareRelated Words fabricate, fashion, form, mold, sculpture, shape; couch, express, phrase, state, verbalize, word; author, indite, pen, write; conceive, concoct, devise; build, construct, make; assemble, compound, piece (together); redraft, reformulate, reframe

  4. 4 to send through the air especially with a quick forward motion of the arm cast a rock into the stream Synonyms throw, catapult, chuck, dash, fire, fling, heave, hurl, hurtle, launch, lob, loft, peg, pelt, pitch, sling, tossRelated Words bowl, dart, flip, gun, hook, pass, roll, shoot; buck, eject, impel, precipitate, project, propel, rifle, thrust

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