Synonyms and Antonyms of smile

  1. 1 to express an emotion (as amusement) by curving the lips upward the soldier smiled in pleasure when he saw the giant sign welcoming him home Synonyms beam, grin Related Words laugh, simper; smirk, sneer Near Antonyms grimace; frown, glare, gloom, glower, lower (also lour), scowl; pout, sulk

  2. 2 to express scornful amusement by means of facial contortions smiled at their ridiculous antics and walked away in disgust Synonyms laugh, sneer, snicker, sniggerRelated Words sniff, snort; catcall, deride, gibe (or jibe), hoot, insult, jeer, mock, ridicule; decry, despise, disdain; scoff (at), scorn; bad-mouth, belittle, disparage, pooh-pooh (also pooh), put down; heckle, jive, razz, rib, ride, taunt, tease, torment

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feeling or affected by lethargy

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