Synonyms and Antonyms of gloom

  1. 1 a state or spell of low spirits has been in a perpetual gloom since his dog died Synonyms blue devils, blues, dejection, depression, desolation, despond, despondence, despondency, disconsolateness, dispiritedness, doldrums, dolefulness, downheartedness, dreariness, dumps, forlornness, sadness, gloominess, glumness, heartsickness, joylessness, melancholy, miserableness, mopes, mournfulness, oppression, sorrowfulness, unhappinessRelated Words melancholia, self-pity; anguish, dolor, grief, mourning, somberness, sorrow, woefulness; agony, distress, pain; misery, woe, wretchedness; discouragement, disheartenment; moodiness; despair, desperation, hopelessness, self-despair; boredom, ennui, tedium; dismalness, drear, morbidness, moroseness, morosity; regret, rueNear Antonyms gaiety (also gayety), gayness, glee, gleefulness, humor, jollity, joviality, lightheartedness, merriment, mirth, mirthfulness; cheer, cheerfulness, cheeriness, hopefulness, optimism, sunniness; content, contentedness, contentment, satisfaction; delight, gratificationAntonyms bliss, blissfulness, ecstasy, elatedness, elation, euphoria, exhilaration, exuberance, exultation, felicity, gladness, gladsomeness, happiness, heaven, intoxication, joy, joyfulness, joyousness, jubilation, rapture, rapturousness

  2. 2 a time or place of little or no light the gloom of a rainy night is the perfect setting for a mystery story Synonyms black, blackness, candlelight, darkness, dusk, gloaming, dark, murk, night, semidarkness, shade, shadows, twilight, umbraRelated Words midnight; blackout, brownout, dimout; shadiness, umbrage; dullness (also dulness), somberness; cloudiness, fogginess, haziness, mistiness, murkiness; dimness, faintness, gloominess, grayness, paleness; half-lightNear Antonyms moonlight, starlight, sunlight; effulgence, radiance, radiancy, shine, sunshine; incandescence, luminance, luminescence, luminosity, luminousnessAntonyms blaze, brightness, brilliance, day, daylight, glare, glow, light, lightness



Synonyms and Antonyms of gloom

  1. 1 to look with anger or disapproval we just sat there, glooming, as we waited and waited for our dinners to arrive Synonyms glare, frown, glower, lower (also lour), scowlRelated Words gape, gaze, ogle, stare; grimace, pout, sulk; growl, snarl, sneer, sniggerAntonyms beam, grin, smile

  2. 2 to take on a gloomy or forbidding look he continued to gloom over the fact that he had been passed over for promotion to district manager Synonyms darken, glower, lower (also lour)Related Words frown, scowl; glare, stare; brood, mope, pet, pout, sulk; anger, bristle, fume, rage, steam, storm; intimidate, menace, threatenAntonyms brighten, cheer (up), lighten, perk (up)

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