Synonyms and Antonyms of despise

  1. 1 to dislike strongly <I despise anchovies on pizza, and I refuse to eat them!> Synonyms abhor, abominate, hate, detest, execrate, loatheRelated Words deplore, deprecate, disapprove (of), discountenance, disdain, disfavor, scornNear Antonyms desire, fancy, favor, like, prefer; enjoy, relish; admire, adore, approve (of), esteem, hallow, idolize, revere, venerate, worship; cherish, prize, treasureAntonyms love

  2. 2 to ignore in a disrespectful manner <a traitor hated and despised by the whole community> Synonyms scorn, disregard, floutRelated Words dismiss, forget, neglect, overlook, overpass, pass over, slur (over); belittle, deprecate, disparage, slightNear Antonyms accept, approve; use

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