Synonyms and Antonyms of deplore

  1. 1 to feel or express sorrow for a statement from the bishops deploring the loss of life in the war overseas Synonyms bemoan, bewail, lament, grieve (for), mourn, wail (for)Related Words elegize; cry (for), keen, moan, weep; regret, rue; bawl, blubber, sob; agonize, bleed, hurt, sorrow, sufferNear Antonyms beam, cheer, grin, laugh, smileAntonyms delight, exult (in), glory (in), joy, rejoice (in)

  2. 2 to feel sorry or dissatisfied about deplored the fact that his guests were seeing his apartment at its messiest Synonyms bemoan, regret, lament, repent, rueRelated Words ache (for), bewail, grieve (for), mourn, sorrow (for)Near Antonyms delight (in), enjoy, relish, revel (in), savor (also savour)

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