Synonyms and Antonyms of bemoan

  1. 1 to feel or express sorrow for bemoaned the death of his wife by writing a series of poignant letters addressed to her Synonyms lament, bewail, deplore, grieve (for), mourn, wail (for)Related Words elegize; cry (for), keen, moan, weep; regret, rue; bawl, blubber, sob; agonize, bleed, hurt, sorrow, sufferNear Antonyms beam, cheer, grin, laugh, smileAntonyms delight, exult (in), glory (in), joy, rejoice (in)

  2. 2 to feel sorry or dissatisfied about a think piece bemoaning the coarsening of our society over the last several decades Synonyms regret, deplore, lament, repent, rueRelated Words ache (for), bewail, grieve (for), mourn, sorrow (for)Near Antonyms delight (in), enjoy, relish, revel (in), savor (also savour)

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