Synonyms and Antonyms of cry

  1. 1 a loud vocal expression of strong emotion a cry of despair arose when the smoke of the bomb blast cleared Synonyms shout, holler, hoot, howl, whoop, yell, yowlRelated Words ejaculation, interjection; scream, screech, shriek, shrill, squall, squeak, squeal, yelp; bawl, bellow, clamor, outcry, roar; caterwaul, plaint, wailNear Antonyms mumble, murmur, mutter; gasp, whimper, whisper

  2. 2 a natural vocal sound made by an animal the lonesome cry of a coyote Synonyms call, noteRelated Words bark, bay, bellow, blat, bleat, bray, cackle, calling, caterwaul, caw, cheep, chirp, cluck, coo, crake, croak, crow, grunt, honk, hoot, howl, low, meow (also miaow), mew, moo, neigh, oink, peep, quack, roar, screech, squall, squawk, squeak, squeal, trumpet, tu-whit tu-whoo, twitter, whinny, yap, yelp, yip, yowl

  3. 3 an attention-getting word or phrase used to publicize something (as a campaign or product) “A chance to change America” was the cry on which the candidate was hoping to win the White House Synonyms banner, catchphrase, slogan, shibboleth, tagline, watchwordRelated Words expression, idiom; catchword, cliché (also cliche); maxim, motto; battle cry, war cry

  4. 4 an earnest request the king was deaf to their cries Synonyms adjuration, appeal, conjuration, plea, desire, entreaty, petition, pleading, prayer, solicitation, suit, suppliance, supplicationRelated Words application, requisition; call, claim, demand, insistence

  5. 5 a sudden short emotional utterance cries of disbelief greeted the announcement of the surprise winner for best picture Synonyms exclamation, ejaculation, interjectionRelated Words aah (also ah), ooh; holler, hoot, howl, shout, whoop, yell, yelp, yowl; scream, screech, shriek, squall, squeak, squeal



Synonyms and Antonyms of cry

  1. 1 to shed tears often while making meaningless sounds as a sign of pain or distress some kids started to cry even before the doctor had given them their shot Synonyms bawl, blub [chiefly British], blubber, sob, weep Related Words greet [Scottish], grieve, keen, lament, mourn; howl, scream, squall, wail, yowl; bleat, mewl, pule, whimper, whine; sniffle, snivel; groan, moan, sigh

  2. 2 to utter one's distinctive animal sound we knew that we were getting very close to the ocean when we could hear sea gulls crying Synonyms call, sing

  3. 3 to speak so as to be heard at a distance a mother crying for help Synonyms bawl, bay, bellow, call, holler, hollo (or halloo also hallo), roar, shout, sound off, thunder, vociferate, yellRelated Words crow, whoop; scream, screech, shriek, shrill, squeak, squeal; caterwaul, howl, ululate, wail, yawp (or yaup), yowl; hail; speak out, speak upNear Antonyms breathe, mumble, murmur, mutter, whisper

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