Synonyms and Antonyms of note

  1. 1 a usually brief written reminder I'll make a note to myself so I don't forget to pick up some milk on the way home Synonyms jotting, memo, memorandum, notation Related Words bordereau, memoir, memorial, minutes, protocol, report; line; document, writing

  2. 2 a message on paper from one person or group to another write a friendly note to the neighbors asking them to keep the noise down Synonyms dispatch, epistle, memo, memorandum, missive, letterRelated Words billet-doux, open letter; airmail, card, electronic mail, e-mail, junk mail, mail, postal card, postcard; communication, report; encyclical

  3. 3 a natural vocal sound made by an animal can you distinguish between the notes of the whippoorwill and the mockingbird? Synonyms cry, callRelated Words bark, bay, bellow, blat, bleat, bray, cackle, calling, caterwaul, caw, cheep, chirp, cluck, coo, crake, croak, crow, grunt, honk, hoot, howl, low, meow (also miaow), mew, moo, neigh, oink, peep, quack, roar, screech, squall, squawk, squeak, squeal, trumpet, tu-whit tu-whoo, twitter, whinny, yap, yelp, yip, yowl

  4. 4 a piece of printed paper used as money in the United States will you be paying in coins or notes? Synonyms banknote, greenback, billRelated Words dead presidents [slang], paper money, scrip; buck, dollar, simoleon [slang], smacker [slang]; C-note, fifty, fin [slang], five, fiver [slang], hundred, one, sawbuck [slang], ten, tenner, twenty, two; cash, chips, currency, dough, legal tender, lucre, money, pelf; check, draft, money order

  5. 5 a special quality or impression associated with something spoke with a note of irritation in her voice Synonyms air, ambience (or ambiance), aroma, atmosphere, climate, flavor, halo, karma, mood, nimbus, aura, odor, patina, smell, temper, vibration(s)Related Words aureole (or aureola), mystique, romance; genius loci; feel, feeling, sensation, sense, spirit; attribute, character, characteristic, image, mark, notion, peculiarity, picture, property, trait; color, illusion, overtone, semblance, suggestion, tone

  6. 6 overall quality as seen or judged by people in general a writer of note among readers of modern poetry Synonyms character, fame, mark, name, reputation, odor, rep [slang], report, reputeRelated Words credit, honor; celebrity, notoriety, renown; image, persona; admiration, regard, reverenceNear Antonyms discredit, disgrace, dishonor, disrepute, ignominy, infamy, obloquy, odium, opprobrium, reproach, shame

  7. 7 a briefly expressed opinion let me read a few notes I jotted down while you were auditioning Synonyms comment, remark, observation, reflectionRelated Words analysis, commentary, exposition; aside, obiter dictum; annotation; belief, conviction, eye, feeling, judgment (or judgement), mind, notion, persuasion, sentiment, verdict, view; advice, input

  8. 8 a state of being aware during my long convalescence I had taken note of which friends had helped me and which ones had found other things to do Synonyms advertence, advertency, awareness, cognizance, consciousness, ear, eye, heed, knowledge, mindfulness, attention, notice, observance, observationRelated Words hyperawareness, hyperconsciousness; advisement, care, concern, consideration, regard, watch; apprehension, discernment, grasp, mind, perception, recognition, thought, understandingNear Antonyms disregard, neglect, obliviousness, unawareness

  9. 9 something that sets apart an individual from others of the same kind an intense, full-bodied red wine with all of the spicy notes for which that grape variety is famous Synonyms affection, attribute, attribution, character, criterion, diagnostic, differentia, feature, fingerprint, hallmark, mark, marker, characteristic, particularity, peculiarity, point, property, quality, specific, stamp, touch, traitRelated Words badge, indication, sign; emblem, symbol, token; charm, grace; excellence, merit, virtue; eccentricity, idiosyncrasy, oddity, quirk; individuality, singularity, uniqueness



Synonyms and Antonyms of note

  1. 1 to make a statement of one's opinion I'd like to note that I don't care for that tone of voice Synonyms allow, comment, editorialize, remark, observe, opine, reflect, weigh inRelated Words commentate; articulate, express, say, speak, state, talk, tell, utter, verbalize, vocalize; conjecture, daresay, guess, speculate, suppose, surmise

  2. 2 to make a written note of a waitress hurriedly noting our orders Synonyms jot (down), log, mark, record, put down, register, report, set down, take down, write downRelated Words chronicle, minute, transcribe; enregister, enter, inscribe; chalk (up), notch, score

  3. 3 to make note of (something) through the use of one's eyes note the artist's rendering of the trees, how their leaves seem to dance in the wind Synonyms behold, catch, descry, discern, distinguish, espy, eye, look (at), see, notice, observe, perceive, regard, remark, sight, spot, spy, view, witnessRelated Words identify, make out, pick out, pick up; attend (to), consider, heed, mark, mind; study, watch; examine, inspect, scan, scrutinize, survey; glance (at), glimpse, peer (at)Near Antonyms disregard, ignore, neglect, overpass, pass over; miss, overlook

  4. 4 to make reference to or speak about briefly but specifically the lecturer noted several sources where listeners could go for further information Synonyms advert (to), cite, drop, instance, name, mention, notice, quote, refer (to), specify, touch (on or upon)Related Words allude (to), hint (at), imply, indicate, infer, intend, intimate, suggest; point (out), signal, signify; denominate, designate; indicate; bring up, broach, interject, interpolate, interpose, introduce; infiltrate, insinuate, worm; advertise, announce, broadcast, declare, proclaim, pronounce, publicize, publish, sound; clarify, clear (up), elucidate, explain, explicate, spell outNear Antonyms disregard, forget, ignore, neglect, overlook, overpass, pass over, slight

  5. 5 to take notice of and be guided by please note that the office will be closed tomorrow Synonyms follow, listen (to), mind, heed, observe, regard, watchRelated Words consider, contemplate, mull, ponder, weigh; comply (with), conform (to), keep, obey, respect; attend (to), hark (to), hear, hearken (to); mark, notice, seeNear Antonyms brush (aside or off), discount, dismiss, gloss (over), gloze (over), neglect, pass over, pooh-pooh (also pooh), scorn, shrug off; defy, flout; slight, snubAntonyms disregard, ignore, tune out

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