\ˈnōt \
noted; noting

Definition of note 

(Entry 1 of 2)

transitive verb

1a : to notice or observe with care … instructors had noted that he did not perform well under pressure.— Stephan Wilkinson

b : to record or preserve in writing The detective noted the details of the witness's account of the robbery.

2a : to make special mention of or remark on The commendation notes the bravery of the fire fighter.

b : indicate, show Records fail to note what became of him.



Definition of note (Entry 2 of 2)

1a(1) obsolete : melody, song

(2) : tone sense 2a

(3) : call, sound especially : the musical call of a bird

b : a written symbol used to indicate duration and pitch of a tone by its shape and position on the staff

2a : a characteristic feature (as of odor or flavor)

b : something (such as an emotion or disposition) like a note in tone or resonance a note of sadness end on a high note

3a(1) : memorandum

(2) : a condensed or informal record

b(1) : a brief comment or explanation

(2) : a printed comment or reference set apart from the text

c(1) : a written promise to pay a debt

(2) : a piece of paper money

(3) : a government or corporate bond usually with a maturity of between two and ten years

d(1) : a short informal letter

(2) : a formal diplomatic communication

e : a scholarly or technical essay shorter than an article and restricted in scope

f : a sheet of notepaper

4a : distinction, reputation a figure of international note

b : observation, notice took full note of the proceedings

c : knowledge, information

Illustration of note

Illustration of note


note 1b

In the meaning defined above

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noter noun

Synonyms & Antonyms for note

Synonyms: Verb

follow, heed, listen (to), mind, observe, regard, watch

Synonyms: Noun

call, cry

Antonyms: Verb

disregard, ignore, tune out

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sign, mark, token, note, symptom mean a discernible indication of what is not itself directly perceptible. sign applies to any indication to be perceived by the senses or the reason. encouraging signs for the economy mark suggests something impressed on or inherently characteristic of a thing often in contrast to general outward appearance. a mark of a good upbringing token applies to something that serves as a proof of something intangible. this gift is a token of our esteem note suggests a distinguishing mark or characteristic. a note of irony in her writing symptom suggests an outward indication of an internal change or condition. rampant crime is a symptom of that city's decay

Examples of note in a Sentence


You may have noted my late arrival. The thing to note here is that people are suffering. It's interesting to note how quickly things have changed. Their objections were duly noted. As one official noted, the situation has begun to get out of control. As noted above most people survive the disease. “They've asked us to leave,” he noted with amusement.


She wrote a note to remind herself about the appointment. I left you a note on the kitchen table. making notes in the margins of a book She jotted down a few notes during the interview. After class, I usually study my notes and read the next chapter. I can't come to class today. Would you mind taking notes for me? His secretary took notes during our meeting. Please include a brief note about where the picture was taken. He writes in the program notes that the play was inspired by his own childhood. One final note: tickets will be available at the door the night of the concert.
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Recent Examples on the Web: Verb

The difference between the yields on two- and 10-year U.S. government notes on Thursday settled at 0.279, its narrowest since August 2007, according to data from Ryan ALM. Daniel Kruger, WSJ, "Behind the Flattening Yield Curve: Fed Rate Increases and Tariff Fights," 5 July 2018 Russia will repeat its complaints about NATO expansion, noting the presence of the Georgian and Ukrainian presidents at the meeting in Brussels. The Economist, "Vladimir Putin’s hopes for his long-awaited meeting with Donald Trump," 14 July 2018 His stations included southern states that are noted for exceptional largemouth bass fishing. Paul A. Smith, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "Smith: Retro outing proves fishing fun - and gear - is timeless," 14 July 2018 The findings also expand our understanding of the human immune system, especially defenses that do not depend on white blood cells, notes immunologist Helen Su of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Claudia Wallis, Scientific American, "Extreme Flu? Weird Encephalitis? It May Be Your Genes," 13 July 2018 Amazon and Microsoft Amazon employees wrote a letter protesting the company’s sale of facial-recognition technology to law enforcement agencies, noting the software can make errors and infringe on privacy and due process rights. Joseph Menn, The Christian Science Monitor, "Silicon Valley employees increasingly push companies on ethics," 13 July 2018 Type Bolsa Point Beach into Google Maps, turn on Satellite view and note the dirt path that will take you from Highway 1 to your own private beach., "5 hidden beaches around Half Moon Bay," 12 July 2018 The Louisiana black bear qualified as endangered in recent years, only coming off the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's list in 2016, Baton Rouge's The Advocate noted. Joshua Hafner, ajc, "Hunter fined $10,000 for killing black bear in Louisiana," 12 July 2018 Narloch will perform the 1981 masterpiece Triadic Memories, a meditative excursion that’s meticulously notated but centered on the way its chords and note patterns hang in the air and decay. Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader, "Two Chicago pianists perform a pair of rarely heard masterpieces by Morton Feldman," 12 July 2018

Recent Examples on the Web: Noun

Editor's note: Below are some of our favorite stories of the week not published by SI. Staff,, "Weekend Read: Meet the 'Adopted Son' of NBA Summer League, Astroball's Release and More," 13 July 2018 Important note: The show is BYOB, although red wine is not allowed. Adam Lukach, RedEye Chicago, "5 things to do this weekend in Chicago," 12 July 2018 Editor's note: Arizona State announced on July 9 a home-and-home football series against Texas A&M that will begin in College Station in 2026. Doug Haller, azcentral, "A way-too-early preview of the 2027 ASU-Texas A&M showdown," 12 July 2018 Editor’s note: Toby Zinman has been a freelance theater critic for the Inquirer since 2006. Toby Zinman,, "Broadway Beat: Here's a summer freebie in NYC for Philly theater buffs to check out," 10 July 2018 But, the officials said, McConnell did note that Hardiman and Kethledge could fare well in the Senate because their reputations and records were not as politically charged as others on the president's shortlist of nominees. Author: Robert Costa, David Weigel, Robert Barnes, Anchorage Daily News, "Trump weighs top picks for Supreme Court amid last-minute maneuvering," 8 July 2018 The summit, if successful, could boost the likelihood of sanctions de-escalation, Citigroup said in a research note. Henry Meyer,, "Putin is preparing a deal Trump can tout after summit," 6 July 2018 Technical note: Soul Cakes originated as part of the All Souls' Day holiday on November 2nd (Yep, a third holiday!), but eventually became a part of Halloween night as the concept evolved into trick-or-treating. Marissa Gold, Country Living, "Everything You Need to Know About the History of Halloween and Why We Celebrate It," 6 July 2018 With rates rising, investors will be less likely to push stock valuations higher, which could keep a lid on stock prices, Goldman Sach's U.S. equity strategist David Kostin said in a research note. Adam Shell, USA TODAY, "401(k) investors: What are the risks and rewards for the rest of 2018," 2 July 2018

These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'note.' Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us feedback.

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First Known Use of note


13th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a


14th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a(1)

History and Etymology for note


Middle English, from Anglo-French noter, from Latin notare to mark, note, from nota


Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin nota mark, character, written note

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23 Sep 2018

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The first known use of note was in the 13th century

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Financial Definition of note

What It Is

In the finance world, a note is debt.

How It Works

Notes are typically medium-term debt, but not always. For example, Treasury notes (T-notes) are intermediate-term bonds issued by the U.S. Treasury. They mature in two, three, five or 10 years.

You might hear people use the phrase "carry the note," which means to take on debt from another issuer. For example, let's say you plan to purchase a business for $2 million. You have only $200,000 in cash for the seller and want to pay the seller over time for the rest. Essentially, you're borrowing $1.8 million from the seller, and the seller is "carrying a note" until you pay back that $1.8 million.

Why It Matters

There are many kinds of notes: municipal notes, Treasury notes, bank notes, promissory notes, etc. Like all debt, the terms vary, including the interest rates, face values, maturities and other provisions.

Source: Investing Answers

tax anticipation note


Financial Definition of tax anticipation note

What It Is

A tax anticipation note (TAN) is a short-term note that a state or local government issues and expects to repay with imminent tax receipts.

How It Works

Town XYZ wants to purchase a new building to replace the old City Hall. The building costs $10 million. Town XYZ expects to pay $5 million cash for the building but needs to raise another $5 million. It expects to receive at least that much next April after the annual income tax filing deadline has passed, but the real estate deal is scheduled to close six months before that date, in October.

Because of the timing, Town XYZ issues $5 million of tax anticipation notes that mature in May. (Note that tax anticipation notes are typically issued at a discount, meaning that the investors will pay, say, 95% of the face value of each bond; the actual discount depends on the market and the issuer’s creditworthiness.) The notes pay buyers 5% interest per year. Remember, however, that the notes will be outstanding for less than one year.

Town XYZ is then able to purchase the building for $10 million in October. When April arrives, Town XYZ has its income tax receipts and uses a portion of them to repay the TANs (which generally get first dibs on tax receipts). TAN maturities are usually not longer than one calendar year.

Why It Matters

Tax anticipation notes provide state and local governments with a way to stabilize cash inflows and outflows during the year. In turn, this allows governments to proceed with capital projects immediately rather than waiting to have the actual cash in hand.

Tax anticipation notes are a type of municipal bonds -- investors are generally able to obtain interest tax-free.

Source: Investing Answers



English Language Learners Definition of note

 (Entry 1 of 2)

: to notice or pay attention to (something)

: to say or write (something)



English Language Learners Definition of note (Entry 2 of 2)

: a short piece of writing that is used to help someone remember something

notes : an informal written record of things that are said and done

: a short piece of writing that gives you information : a brief comment or explanation


\ˈnōt \
noted; noting

Kids Definition of note

 (Entry 1 of 2)

1 : to notice or observe with care Note the differences between the two paintings.

2 : to record in writing Let me note down your address.

3 : to make special mention of His speech noted everyone's achievements.



Kids Definition of note (Entry 2 of 2)

1 : a musical sound : tone

2 : a symbol in music that by its shape and position on the staff shows the pitch of a tone and the length of time it is to be held

3 : the musical call or song of a bird

4 : a quality that shows a feeling There's a note of sadness in your voice.

5 : something written down often to aid the memory I'll make a note of the appointment.

6 : a printed comment in a book that helps explain part of the text

7 : distinction sense 3 artists of note

8 : a short written message or letter a thank-you note

9 : careful notice Please take note of the time.

10 : frame of mind : mood She began the day on a happy note.

11 : a piano key

12 : a written promise to pay a debt

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Legal Definition of note 

(Entry 1 of 2)

1a : a written promise to pay a debt specifically : promissory note in this entry

bank note

: a promissory note issued by a bank payable to bearer on demand but without interest and circulating as money

cognovit note \käg-ˈnō-vit-, kōg- \

: a note in which the maker acknowledges the debt and authorizes the entry of judgment against him or her without notice or a hearing : a note containing a confession of judgment

collateral note

: a note secured especially by a collateral mortgage and pledged to secure an obligation of which a hand note usually serves as evidence

demand note

: a note payable on demand — compare time note in this entry

floating rate note

: a negotiable note that yields an indexed and periodically adjusted variable rate of interest

called also floater

hand note

: a note for an obligation secured by a collateral note

non-recourse note

: a note whose satisfaction upon default may be obtained only out of the collateral securing it

promissory note

: a note containing an unconditional promise to pay on demand or at a fixed or determined future time a particular sum of money to or to the order of a specified person or to the bearer

recourse note

: a note whose satisfaction upon default may be obtained from the debtor's assets other than and in addition to the collateral securing it

renewal note

: a note that continues an obligation due under a previous note

tax anticipation note

: a note issued by a state or municipality on pending tax revenue to fund immediate governmental expenditures

time note

: a note payable at a specified time in the future — compare demand note in this entry

Treasury note

: a negotiable note issued by the U.S. government with a maturity date of one to ten years from the date of issue

called also T-note

— compare Treasury bill at bill sense 7, Treasury bond at bond sense 2

b : a piece of paper money

2 : an exposition on a law-related topic especially found in a law review

noted; noting

Legal Definition of note (Entry 2 of 2)

1 : to recognize the existence or presence of noted probable jurisdiction

2 : to make a notarial memorandum of nonpayment of (a negotiable instrument) on presentation

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