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  1. 1 to cut (as letters or designs) on a hard surface paid a jeweler to inscribe their names and wedding date on their wedding rings Synonyms etch, grave, incise, engrave, insculp [archaic]Related Words carve, chisel, sculpt, sculpture; chase, groove, indent, notch; score, trace; affix, impress

  2. 2 to add (a person) to a list or roll as a participant or member inscribed the couple in the society of sustaining donors to the museum Synonyms enroll, list, matriculate, registerRelated Words enlist, impanel, induct; conscript, draft, muster; wait-list; book, schedule; check inNear Antonyms check off; exclude, expel, expunge, reject; omit, overlookAntonyms delist

  3. 3 to put (someone or something) on a list inscribed his name on the list of those to be executed Synonyms catalog (or catalogue), enroll (also enrol), enter, index, {h,1}list, put down, record, register, schedule, slateRelated Words book, card, file, note; classify, compile, tabulate, tally; rescheduleNear Antonyms delete

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