Synonyms and Antonyms of incise

  1. 1 to cut (as letters or designs) on a hard surface incised a pattern into the copper plate Synonyms etch, grave, engrave, inscribe, insculp [archaic]Related Words carve, chisel, sculpt, sculpture; chase, groove, indent, notch; score, trace; affix, impress

  2. 2 to penetrate with a sharp edge (as a knife) incised the tree with a sharp ax to get the sap flowing Synonyms gash, cut, rip, shear, slash, slice, slitRelated Words crosscut, hacksaw, saw, scissor; cleave, rive, split; pierce, stab; bruise, butcher, hack, haggle, lacerate, mangle; rend, tear; carve, chip, chisel, notch; anatomize, dissect, section; chop, dice, mince; amputate, cut off, sever

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