Synonyms and Antonyms of shear

  1. 1 to make (something) shorter or smaller with the use of a cutting instrument it took almost a week to shear all the wool off the flock of sheep Synonyms bob, crop, cut, cut back, dock, lop (off), nip, pare, poll, prune, shave, clip, snip, trimRelated Words skive, whittle; manicure, mow; pinch, stump; curtail, shortenNear Antonyms elongate, extend, lengthen

  2. 2 to penetrate with a sharp edge (as a knife) the shark's razor-sharp teeth sheared the swimmer's flesh right down to the bone Synonyms gash, incise, rip, cut, slash, slice, slitRelated Words crosscut, hacksaw, saw, scissor; cleave, rive, split; pierce, stab; bruise, butcher, hack, haggle, lacerate, mangle; rend, tear; carve, chip, chisel, notch; anatomize, dissect, section; chop, dice, mince; amputate, cut off, sever

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